K2 A.M.P. Velocity inlc. M3 11 TC

    Levertijd:18-36 uur
  • Beschrijving

  • niveau: gevorderd
  • doel: piste
  • maten: 121-72-106mm
  • radius: 17m/179cm
  • opbouw: Triaxial Braiding, Hybritech Sidewall, Fir/Aspen Core
  • binding: incl. M3 11.0
  • rocker: Speed Rocker

The Velocity men’s ski packs all the agility needed to carve effortlessly on-piste all day for you expert skiers. It’s designed with K2 Speed RoX technology and a high camber for optimal rebound. Blunt round tips, square tails, and a deep sidecut maximize the ski’s running surface for great edge to edge hold and quick transitions in short to long radius turns.