K2 Beluvit 78 TI Lady 156cm

    Levertijd:18-36 uur
  • Beschrijving

  • Damesski, voor de dames die ook lekker doorskiën.
  • niveau: gevorderd
  • doel : piste & all mountain
  • maten : 119-78-108mm
  • radius : 14m/163cm
  • binding: incl. Marker ER3 10.0
  • rocker: All Terrain Rocker

Based on K2’s E3 Philosophy, the women’s ski Beluved 78Ti features a thinner, lighter composite core construction for added ease and control and a thin metal laminate construction for strength, power and stability. With an optimal waist-width and All-Terrain Rocker, the K2 BeLuved 78Ti is the tool for advancing skiers looking to explore the entire resort.