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K2 Spyre 100W HV Lady

    Levertijd:3-5 dagen
  • Beschrijving

  • gebruik: gevorderd en expert
  • flex: 100
  • leest: 100-102mm breed
  • bijzonderheden: HV Hoog Volume

  • liner: Intuition themoform liner
  • Energy Interlock, PowerFuse SpYne, Dual Cuff Alignment, Replaceable Outsoles, Padded Mid-Grip, 35mm Velcro Powerstrap
  • Deze skischoen gaat in halve maten 24.5, 25.5 omdat de binnenschoen helemaal op maat gemaakt wordt!
  • Gold-lined on the outside and Intuition®-lined on the inside, the all-new SpYre 100 delivers a shining all-mountain performance. K2’s Lux Fit combines both heat-moldable and traditional foam for a sweet balance between streamlined function and long-lasting comfort. Offering a forgiving yet powerful 100 flex on the sturdy SpYre platform, the Spyre 100 is engineered for all-day, all-season, all-condition skiing with timeless style.
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