K2 iKonic 80

    Levertijd:18-36 uur
  • Beschrijving
  • Specificaties

  • niveau: gevorderd/expert
  • doel: piste
  • maten: 129-80-108mm
  • radius: 16m/170cm
  • opbouw: Konic Technology, Fir-Aspen Core, Hybritech Sidewall, Triaxial Braided
  • binding: incl. Marker M3 10
  • rocker: All-Terrain Rocker

Optimizing every square inch of the ski, the K2 Kionic 80 features a new metal laminate construction that traces the edge of the ski and strategically reinforces the wood core over the edges for increased power. These are the ideal expert mens skis for the all-mountain skier who wants it all from your skis: a solid hold at mach speeds to confidently busting through crud, moguls or soft leftovers from the previous storm. This performance ski will provide you the power you need to have some serious fun.
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Skiër: unisex
Twintip: nee