Diamond Knife Sharpening Kit

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This is a Knife Sharpening System designed to take the guess work out of sharpening. Pick your desired angle for the knife you are sharpening and the fixed jig will keep your strokes consistent which is key to successful sharpening.

Ideal for all your knives. The long slot designed on the clamp or Jig allows the diamond stone to travel with long bladed knives.

The Eze Lap Knife Sharpening Kit includes knife clamp, angle guides, guide rods, practical roll pouch and a Superfine, Fine and Medium Diamond sharpening stone.

  • Purple: Medium – 400 Grit
  • Red: Fine – 600 Grit
  • Blue: Super-Fine – 1200 Grit

The quick and easy way to sharpen both Cutlery and Tools, the "Professionals" choice. Practical Kit to take into the field.

Note: You do not use oil or any solvent with the diamond stones when sharpening. Clean with borax or detergent soap between sharpening.

Tested and compared by Rick Young many times.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sharpening Surface: Diamond
  • Dimension of Pad: L 102 x W 19 mm
  • Grit Size: Medium, Fine, Super-Fine
  • Weight: 395 grams (Kit in Pouch)
  • Origin: USA